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Architects and Designers: 5 Must-Follow Instagram Pages for You

Architects and Designers: 5 Must-Follow Instagram Pages for You

By: Dagmawit Kemal

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As Instagram is a visual medium, it is no surprise that architects and designers utilize the platform to showcase their own work and find a community online. We’ve gathered a list of five Instagram pages architects or designers should follow- whether it’s for inspiration, access to contests and networking opportunities or even just for self-expression.


Archello is a platform that showcases different architecture projects to the global online community. The Instagram page is active almost every day with nearly 500k followers. Check out one of their recent post below showcasing an “underground house,”  in Ukraine. Archello also has a website allowing architects and designers to meet and build with one another. This is the right page for architects who need inspiration or want to be plugged into the global community.


Geometry Club is an Instagram page that allows the user to submit a “precisely aligned photograph” of architecture from anywhere in the world. At first glance, it looks like all of the photographs are of the same building but when you click on each photo, you realize they all have different locations. The page allows followers to submit their photos, however, the photo must meet all of the criteria. The apex of the photo must be in the center with the edges falling off symmetrically. Lastly, you must use the hashtag #geometryclub in order to have your photo featured. This page is a must for any architect or designer who wants to tap into photography. Check them out!


Arch_more features architecture sketches from all around the world. The page has almost one million followers and shares inspiring architecture on their page weekly. They also have a Youtube channel where they post “rapid sketching, “pencil coloring” and “water texture” tutorials. Overall, this page is great for architects or designers who love sketches or need inspiration from the online community. They also sometimes offer tips and words of advice for any architect who is feeling stuck.


The Archiologist is a platform dedicated to showcasing student projects and ideas. The page provides many resources such as podcast information, contests, and various student projects. Their podcast called “The Archiologist,” touches on various topics such as racial equality in architecture, the relationship between technology and architecture as well as the way the education system teaches design. This past June, they held a contest and architects had the chance to submit their best project for a feature on @thearchiologist website and social media accounts. Check them out if you want to stay up to date with the architecture community.


Competitions.Archi sounds like just what it is. This page exposes their followers to open architectural and design competitions from all over the world. On top of relaying competitions to their audience, they write articles on how to produce “award winning” entries to help them with submissions. One of their most recent competitions they shared was “Architecture of the Abandoned – International Design Competition- Can you design a house of metal junk.” Here is their most recent competition featured in their bio.

We hope you enjoyed this list of five Instagram pages architects or designers should follow. The pages that we’ve highlighted are ideal for architects and designers who need a boost of inspiration or even want to create an online community of their own. There are many different ways to stay connected- whether it’s to submit your project for an award, a sketch or even photographing a building at a specific angle. We hope you can add these lists of pages to your Instagram feed!

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