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Soho Loft Project Highlighted in The NY Times

Soho Loft Project Highlighted in The NY Times

By: Anthony-John

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Our Soho Loft project, completed in 2017, was proudly featured in a NY Times Article. The article mentions that the space is now on the market for a $65-million asking price. According to the article:

“If this apartment sells for its $65-million asking price, it would break the record for most expensive single residential sale in downtown Manhattan.”, “A Soho Triplex On The Market For 65 Million

The rich history of the property is discussed at length in the article. Most notably, it was the home of the late Heath Ledger. Prior to becoming one of the most desirable pieces of real estate in Manhattan, the building was home to the New York City Board of Education, a wire manufacturer, a typewriter company and a dust-removal company.

Below are some featured spaces of the project and their highlighted technical and design specifications.

Soho Loft Kitchen

Soho Triplex Kitchen
Soho Triplex Kitchen

The kitchen consists of a hand-chipped marble mosaic tile floor, an absolute black granite countertop with a rainwash finish, and hand painted cabinetry using Fine Paints Of Europe. The exquisite design of the architect, Kirk Lehman of AML Architecture, coupled with our precise execution was a seamless collaboration that lends itself to the beauty of the space.


Soho Loft Bathroom

The marble is the true hero of this Soho loft project. We traveled to a quarry in Europe with the client and hand-picked a block of stone. Afterward, we carved the bathtub out of the stone and sliced the rest into book matched slabs. Consequently, the uniqueness of the stone lends itself to the beauty of the bathroom.

Another stunning feature of the room is the 10’w x 8’H steel and glass window, which overlooks a private terrace.


Soho Loft Stairwell
Soho Loft Stairwell Looking up into skylight

The staircase consists of solid blocks of honed petite granite that cantilever from the stairwell. They are accented by a handmade bronze rail with a patina finish. The design of the staircase features a technique used centuries ago, which allows a stone tread to cantilever from a structural wall without any visible support. Soho Loft Project was one of a kind.

We are proud to have been part of history in crafting this Soho loft project. The clients passion for excellence and exquisite detail inspired us to the push the boundaries of our execution. Thank you to the entire Scordio team that met the challenge and worked together to produce a work of surpassing value.

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